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Graham Cracker ‘Ginger Bread’ Houses!


                When my son was in preschool, his sweet teacher asked another Mom, named Katie, and myself to host our children’s class holiday party. Katie came up with this adorable idea to decorate tiny versions of “gingerbread houses”! I can still remember how the children’s faces lit up when they realized […]

Embellished Gift Bags!

These 'green' gift bags are so much fun to make!

              Several years ago I received a gift from my wonderful friend, Cynthia, who just happens to be the creative director for Party with The Twins! I was so excited to open the gift she had bought me, but I couldn’t get past the amazingly darling gift bag my gift was tucked inside […]

Holiday Tips and Suggestions!


          PRINT Holiday Tips and Suggestions Wrap your child’s gifts while they are sleeping or at school, but don’t put the ribbons and bows on them just yet! Wait till they can help you choose the ribbons and bows to add to them! Their color combinations are so much more colorful […]

Festive and Fun to Make Ornaments!

'Green' ornaments are fun and easy to make!

              A great way to reuse holiday greeting cards is to turn them into ornaments to decorate your tree and home!  These ornaments are simple to make and look great as adornments hanging from Christmas gifts! When we sat down to compile craft ideas for our Autumn edition of ‘Celebrate’, […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract!

The Perfect Gift!

              PRINT Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe Some of the most memorable and treasured gifts that I’ve received are the ones that are homemade! A few Christmases ago my dear friend Angela presented me with a beautiful amber colored bottle, adorned with a homemade label that simply read “Madagascar Vanilla Extract […]

Host a Cookie Swap!

Chewy & Moist!

              Something I look forward to every year at Christmas time is my neighbor Kathryn’s annual Cookie Swap! She invites many of our neighbors and close friends, too!  It truly puts all of us in the holiday spirit! We have such a great time catching up with each other and […]

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Swap!

Snickerdoodles - simple and soo yummy!!

              A terrific way to start off the holiday season is to host a Cookie Swap!  It’s so much fun and it truly puts everyone in the holiday spirit! Invite neighbors, co-workers, book club or bible study members asking them to bake 6 dozen homemade cookies using a recipe […]

Napkins with Vintage Embellishments


Add charm to ordinary napkins in a matter of seconds! PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions with Photos YOU WILL NEED: 1 Napkin for each guest. Plastic pearl garland, or ¼ inch wide or narrower ribbon – approx.  1 yd needed for each napkin. (Both can be found at craft stores – […]

Elegant Centerpiece


Easy and Elegant Vintage Centerpiece PRINT Elegant Vintage Centerpiece Instructions YOU WILL NEED: Vintage looking frame with glass removed (to be placed in center of dining table) 1 yard chiffon or vintage looking fabric Vintage looking items such as; small vase with flowers small candy dishes or apothecary jars filled with coordinating colored candies decorative […]

Glittering Fruit!


Glittering Fruit               This craft idea is so fun and easy to do with your children!  Who doesn’t love to smear glue all over something and pour glitter on it!  In just a few short minutes you and your children can transform simple faux fruits and vegetables into spectacular, eye […]

Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks!


Completing the very serious task of choosing ‘the’ perfect pumpkin was just the beginning!! Our Dad would cut a lid into the top of the pumpkin and what came next was our favorite part – scooping out the seeds and all the slimy pulp inside! He would then help us cut out the face we had drawn, […]

Halloween Tips & Ideas!


Make ordinary lollipops spooky and fun! Dressing up and going door to door showing off our amazing costume…waiting to see what delectable candy treat was awaiting us at the next house! Such great memories!  Now we get to enjoy the experience all over again when we take our children trick or treating. Below are some […]

Elegant and Easy Handmade Invites


How to Make your Own Elegant Invitations It’s easy to create elegant invitations like the ones from a custom stationer, with out the expense! PRINT – Instructions to Make Your Own Elegant Invitations PRINT – Sample Invitation Text You will need: Card stock and envelopes in colors that coordinate with the theme of your party […]

WOW Your Guests with This Easy and Delicious Tart!


Watch us whip up this stunning and delicious fruit tart in just minutes!  

Baked Potato Cheese Soup


            PRINT Baked Potato Cheese Soup recipe Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS: 3 strips of bacon, cooked and diced (reserve drippings) 1 small onion, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dried basil ½ teaspoon pepper 3 […]

Easy and Delicious Apple Pie!


          PRINT Easy and Delicious Apple Pie Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 45 minutes Serves: 8 INGREDIENTS Filling: 6-8 apples (Granny Smith, Braeburn, Empire, Courtland, or other tart variety) 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 2 […]

Pop Corn Balls to Scream For!


          PRINT Pop Corn Ball recipe   Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes INGREDIENTS: 16 cups popped corn 2 cups granulated sugar 2/3 cup water 2/3 cup light corn syrup ½ cup unsalted butter (plus more for greasing spoon and hands) 1 teaspoon salt (if using salted butter, leave […]

Buffet Decor

Delight your guests with this stunning display

          Delight your guests with this easy and stunning display! PRINT Elegant Buffet Display Instructions YOU WILL NEED: Glass blocks or shoe boxes (glass block can be found at hardware or home improvement stores) Strands of Christmas tree lights Table cover or fabric in a color that is complimentary to your […]

Simply Elegant

Delight your guests with this stunning display

Delight your guests with this easy and stunning display! Find easy step by step instructions below. PRINT Elegant Buffet Display Instructions   YOU WILL NEED: Glass blocks or shoe boxes (glass block can be found at hardware or home improvement stores) Strands of Christmas tree lights Table cover or fabric in a color that is […]

Fantastic Tissue Bursts

Perfect for any occasion!

                PRINT Fantastic Tissue Burst Instructions YOU WILL NEED:           8 sheets of tissue for each ‘burst’ floral wire ribbon (or clear fishing line) scissor   INSTRUCTIONS: 1.  Start with a stack of 8 sheets of tissue.           2.  Make […]

Salads Your Guests Will Rave About!

Cabbage Salad

In this webisode you’ll see how we pull together two scrumptious salads just bursting with flavor! 

Amazing Beverages and Inexpensive Decor Ideas!

This refreshing spritzer can be made with ginger ale or prosecco.

Learn how to make a refreshing juice spritzer that can be topped off with ginger ale or Italian Prosecco; and an array of elegant decor ideas that make a big impact, even on a budget!  

Mom’s Irresistible Candied Yams!


          PRINT Mom’s Candied Yams Recipe  The sweet fragrance of the brown sugar and marshmallows drew us into the kitchen as soon as we entered our parent’s home! Our Mom would have to guard the baking dish of candied yams to keep us from sneaking out a perfectly toasted cluster of […]

Ultimate Pumpkin Bread!


This moist and delicious bread is just bursting with flavor! It’s sure to be your new favorite sweet bread recipe and the first thing you’ll want to bake each year to kick off the holiday season! Serve this warm with our Hot Cranberry Apple Cider at your next book club or get together – it’s just […]