Fun Shower Games!

What’s in a Name?

Instructions: Print the downloadable work sheets and add the Bride and Grooms names to them. Inform the guests that they have four minutes to make as many words as possible using the letters from both names. Words have to be at least four letters long and no proper names allowed. The person with the most valid words wins!

PRINT What’s In A Name Instructions

PRINT What’s In A Name Game Sheet


Hawaiian Vacation

Instructions: Give each guest a pen, sheet of paper and a magazine, or other hard surface to write on. Ask your guests to close their eyes, relax and draw what you tell them to draw. When the drawing is complete, read aloud the points below for each portion of the drawing. Have each guest add up their points. The guest with the most points wins! Click the link below to read and print the full instructions.

PRINT Hawaiian Vacation Instructions


Showers of Kindness

Instructions: In advance, purchase a shower liner and permanent colored markers. At the bridal shower have the liner hanging against a wall or lying flat on a table, with the inside facing out. When the guests arrive ask them to take a few minutes at some point during the shower to write a message to the Bride and Groom. When they are married, they will enjoy reading all of the cute messages and marriage advice while they are showering!

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What’s in the Bag?

Instructions: You will need brown paper bags, a sharpie and several items that the Bride/Groom can use around the house such as a remote control, can opener, light bulb, dish cloth, wrench, roll of toilet paper, flashlight, etc. Be creative and use your imagination, but don’t include anything with a sharp edge or made of glass. Place each item in a bag, number the bag and staple it closed. As you number the bags you will want to keep a record of the contents of each numbered bag to refer to later. Place all the paper bags in a large basket. At the shower give each guest a sheet of paper numbered 1-10 (or as many items as you have bagged) and a pen to record their answers. With all the guests seated in a circle, pass the first bag around with each guest having 10 seconds to feel the bag and to guess what’s inside. Continue passing the items to the first guest until all the items have made their way around the room and each guest has recorded their answers next to the correct numbers. At this time the bride will open each bag and reveal the contents. The guest with the most correct answers will win a prize! This is also a fun way to give the Bride and Groom some much needed items as they begin their new life together! Choose items for them that will that will be useful and fun!

PRINT What’s in the Bag – Game Instructions

PRINT What’s in the Bag – Game Sheet

PRINT What’s in the Bag Game – Suggested Items


My Masterpiece

Instructions: Give each guest a sheet of paper, a pen and a hard covered book. Instruct them to put their names on their paper and turn it over. Ask the guests to imagine what the beautiful Bride will look like on her wedding day. Now, ask the guests to place the book, with the sheet of paper on it, on top of their heads and draw the Bride in her gown, with as many details as they can imagine (a veil, jewelry, a train, a bouquet, etc.). Allow them 2 minutes to complete their drawing. When 2 minutes are up, invite the guests to take a look at their drawing. (This will be hilarious!) Now, ask the guests to pass all of the drawings to the Bride. The Bride will get to decide whose drawing is the best and then reveal the name of the ‘artist’ to the group! The Bride can keep these drawings as a reminder of this fun and very special day!

 PRINT My Masterpiece Instructions


Who Am I?

Instructions: Send each guest a 3X5 card with their invitation. Ask guests to type out (or have someone else write it for them so that the bride doesn’t recognize their writing) a special or funny memory they have with the Bride. They should not include their name or anything that they wouldn’t want repeated as the Bride will read these aloud at the shower. It will be a fun challenge for the Bride to try to guess whose memory it is. This activity is not only fun, it will also be a great way for guests to learn a little bit more about the Bride, as well as, the other guests!

PRINT Who Am I Instructions


My Best Advice

Instructions: Find a pretty journal and make it available to all the guests at the bridal shower to record their best advice on love and marriage. If you are able to find a large enough journal, it can also be used as the guest book at the wedding in which wedding guests could sign and record their address, and since there is plenty of room, also leave a message to the Bride and Groom. You might also suggest to the Bride that she use it as a gift journal to record all the wedding gifts her and the Groom receive. This will help when sending out thank you cards and make a nice keepsake to look back on.

PRINT My Best Advice Instructions


Who Knows the Bride Best?

Instructions: Print out a game sheet for each guest and also one for the bride. Have the guests answer the questions, at the same time have the bride answer them (this will be the answer sheet). After they are done have the bride or hostess read the questions and the bride’s answers for the guests. The guest with the most correct answers wins! This game is a great way to make the Bride the center of everyone’s attention and help everyone learn a little more about the bride.

PRINT Who Knows the Bride Best – Instructions

PRINT Who Knows the Bride Best – Game Sheet


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