Vintage Favors

Vintage Favors

Elegant and easy! This adorable favor doubles as a place card!

PRINT Instructions to make Vintage Favors – with photos

PRINT Instructions to Make Vintage Favors – no photos







  • Small photo frames – 1 for each guest (Can be found at your local craft store, in the dollar bins)
  • Photos of the Bride with each guest
  • Scissors






1.  Open the back of the frame and remove plastic film and sample photo.
2.  Use the plastic film as a template and cut the photos down to size.

3.  Place the protective film back into the frame , insert the photo face down and close the back of the frame.

Prior to your guests’ arrival, place a framed photo at each place setting. When it is time to enjoy the buffet lunch, inform your guests that there is a special keepsake gift for them at the table. Tell them to locate the picture they provided to find out where they should sit.



  • Include a note with your invitations asking your guests to email and/or mail,  a photo of them self with the Bride. Don’t forget to provide your email and/or mailing address and a ‘needed by’ date so that you will have time to assemble these in advance. Your guests will be so anxious to find out what you needed them for and so pleased when they see their adorable new keepsake!
  • For bridal showers close to Christmas time, you can turn these adorable mementos into tree ornaments! Simply make a loop using ribbon or pearl garland and glue it to the back of the frame. Quick dry craft glue or hot glue will hold nicely.



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