Elegant Buffet

Elegant Buffet Display

Surprisingly simple!

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Glass blocks or shoe boxes (glass block can be found at hardware or home improvement stores)

Strands of Christmas tree lights

Table cover or fabric in a color that is complimentary to your shower theme

Chiffon – 1 ¼ times the length of your buffet table




1. Position glass blocks (or shoe boxes) along the buffet table where you would like your serving bowls to be located. (Large bowls and platters may require 2 blocks for stability and to evenly distribute the weight).

2. Cover the glass blocks (or shoe boxes) with the table cover.

3. Arrange Christmas tree lights over the table cover being sure to surround the elevated areas with lights, to accentuate them.

4. Finally, cover the lights with the chiffon and bunch it up a bit to create a billowy effect.


To create a more dramatic effect, stack glass blocks 2 high in the center of the buffet table.

To create dimension on a buffet table that is against a wall, stack the glass blocks 2 high in the back and only 1 high in the front.

To make the buffet line progress more quickly; arrange the serving bowls down the center of the buffet table, place two serving spoons in each bowl and allow guests to serve from both sides of the buffet.

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