Fantastic Tissue Bursts

Perfect for any occasion!

These delightful tissue bursts take just minutes to make!









PRINT Fantastic Tissue Burst Instructions







  • 8 sheets of tissue for each ‘burst’
  • floral wire
  • ribbon (or clear fishing line)
  • scissor



1.  Start with a stack of 8 sheets of tissue.






2.  Make a one inch fold and press down flat to crease the tissue.






3.  Flip the stack over and make another one inch fold and press flat.













4.  Continue making one inch folds and flipping, until the whole stack looks like an accordion.







5.  Fold the “accordion” in half to find the middle, insert a piece of floral wire and twist to secure.










6.  Slide your length of ribbon (or fishing line) between the tissue and the wire, bring the ends of the ribbon together and tie a knot. This ribbon will be what you use to hang it from the ceiling. You may want to measure the distance from the ceiling to where you want it to hang, and cut the ribbon accordingly.














7.  Fan open one side of the “accordion”, separate the top sheet of tissue, pulling it up by each pleat all the way down towards the middle.














8.  Repeat these steps with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sheet.








9.  Now, move to the other end of the “accordion” and follow the same steps with the first 4 sheets of tissue on this end.






10.  When one whole side of the “accordion” is completely fluffed. Turn it over and carefully set it fluffed side down.









11.  Now, peel back the first 4 sheets of tissue on one end of this side of the “accordion”, being sure to separate the sheets all the way down to the center, as far as you can go without tearing. Then, move to the other end and do the same.










12.  When your tissue accordion is completely fluffed, gently pull and position the edges of the tissue to completely fill in the gaps and give it a nice round look.



Congratulations! Your ’tissue burst’ is now complete!


  • When lifting each sheet of tissue, pull each pleat back as far as you can towards the middle of the “accordion” to maximize the size and fullness of your tissue burst.
  • Use patterned tissue or multiple colors of tissue together to create a more colorful and festive look.











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  1. admin says:

    These have been so much fun to make. I added white lights to mine for an evening party. Everyone loved them.

    • Melanie Martinez says:

      Great Idea! This is going to come in handy for future parties! Thanks so much for this wonderful tip! Your the best Marilyn and Carolyn!

      Melanie Martinez

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