Elegant and Easy Handmade Invites

How to Make your Own Elegant Invitations

It’s easy to create elegant invitations like the ones from a custom stationer, with out the expense!

PRINT – Instructions to Make Your Own Elegant Invitations

PRINT – Sample Invitation Text

You will need:

  • Card stock and envelopes in colors that coordinate with the theme of your party
  • 81/2 X 11 scrapbook or typing paper in a complementary pattern or color (one sheet can make two invites)
  • Sheets of vellum in a complementary  color (one sheet an make two invites)
  • Ribbon in a complementary color (approximately 6-8 inches per invite)
  • Single hole punch
  • Scissor or paper cutter
  • Access to a computer and printer


1.  To make 2 invites per page, create your document in the ‘landscape’ setting and insert the ‘two column’ format. To center the text to the middle of each column, select the ‘align center’ option on your menu bar.

Enter all of the party  information, being sure to include the following:

  • Type of party and who is being honored
  • Date and time of the party
  • Location of the party
  • Contact person, phone number (or email address) and deadline date for RSVP/Regrets
  • Type of attire (optional, but may be very helpful to guests)
  • If applicable, where Bride and Groom are registered

2.  Now, “highlight” and “copy” the text, then paste the text into the 2nd column on your document.

3.  Load your scrapbook paper or colored typing paper into the printer. If your paper has a print only on one side , be sure to have the paper facing the right direction. (You may want to print a test sheet prior to loading your invitation paper)

4.  Cut printed sheets in half and then cut each side of the invitation so that it it 1/4 inch smaller than the card stock. (when assembling the invites, you will want a perimeter of the card stock to be showing behind this printed sheet).

5.  Now, cut the sheets of vellum to the same size as the printed sheets.

6.  Assemble the layers with the card stock on the bottom, the printed invitation in the middle and the piece of vellum on top. (all pieces right side up).

7.  Position the printed middle sheet and top piece of vellum so that 1/4 inch of the card stock is showing around the perimeter of the invitation.

8.  Punch 2 holes approximately 1 inch apart from each other at the top, center of the invitation.

9.  Take the ribbon and insert each side of the ribbon into the holes, from the front side.

10.  Now, take each end of the ribbon and push it back through the opposite hole so that the ribbons are coming out the front side. Pull ends tight.






11.  Finally, trim each end of the ribbon, with a “notch” cut, to the desired length. To make a “notch” cut; pinch and fold the end of the ribbon over. With the open end facing up, make a cut diagonally from the fold at the bottom, up to the corner of the open ends.


 So easy and so elegant! 




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