Elegant Centerpiece

Easy and Elegant Vintage Centerpiece

PRINT Elegant Vintage Centerpiece Instructions


Vintage looking frame with glass removed (to be placed in center of dining table)

1 yard chiffon or vintage looking fabric

Vintage looking items such as;

small vase with flowers

small candy dishes or apothecary jars filled with coordinating colored candies

decorative figurines

glass crystals

small decorative gift boxes

small votive holder with flame-less candle

strands of pearls or pearl garland (found in chain craft stores in the wedding aisle)

candle sticks with taper candles

small jars with vintage keys or other items



  1. Place empty frame in center of dining table (at an angle, to create a more interesting look)
  2. Lay the chiffon or fabric in the center of the frame, spread it out and blouse it up to fill the inside of the frame.
  3. To hide any unfinished ends of the fabric, lift the frame a bit and tuck the ends underneath.
  4. Arrange your vintage items on top of the fabric inside the frame. Have fun and rearrange items to see where they look best!

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