Napkins with Vintage Embellishments

Add charm to ordinary napkins in a matter of seconds!

PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions

PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions with Photos


  • 1 Napkin for each guest.
  • Plastic pearl garland, or ¼ inch wide or narrower ribbon – approx.  1 yd needed for each napkin. (Both can be found at craft stores – ribbon can also be found at big box discount stores).
  • Vintage looking charms (can be found at craft stores or the craft aisle of big box discount stores).


1. On a clean, flat surface place napkin seam side up

2. Fold one side of napkin 1/3 over and smooth out wrinkles.

3. Fold opposite side of napkin in to cover previous fold and smooth out wrinkles.

4. With the napkin positioned lengthwise, roll it up all the way to the end.

5. Press the rolled up napkin with your hand to flatten it out.

6. Take 1 yard of the pearl garland (or ribbon) and thread a charm up to the middle of the garland.

7. Position the charm on the napkin and hold it in place with your thumb.

8. Using your other hand, take one side of the garland and wrap it around the napkin diagonally, leaving a short tail remaining.

9. Take the other length of garland and wrap it diagonally so that it crosses over the first length of garland, and again leave a short tail remaining.





10. Place a decorated napkin on each guest’s plate.


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