Festive and Fun to Make Ornaments!

‘Green’ ornaments are fun and easy to make!








A great way to reuse holiday greeting cards is to turn them into ornaments to decorate your tree and home!  These ornaments are simple to make and look great as adornments hanging from Christmas gifts!

When we sat down to compile craft ideas for our Autumn edition of ‘Celebrate’, a high school memory came rushing back to me! It was Christmas time and I was a Sophomore. A very sweet friend of mine gave me a small wrapped box and inside of it was a handmade ornament. It looked so fancy! I couldn’t believe she made it herself out of old Christmas cards!  She explained to me how she made it and after all these years I’m excited to pass this great craft idea on to all of you! I hope you’ll give it a try and maybe make a few extra to share!

PRINT Greeting Card Ornament Instructions


  • old Christmas cards
  • quick drying craft clue or hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • circle stencil or circular object (such a sport drink cap, approx. 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter)
  • ribbon or string to hang ornament
  • bells (optional)
  • glitter (optional)



1.  Start by selecting a greeting card that catches your eye.  Cut along the seam of the card.  With a stencil or a small circular object, trace and cut out 20 circles onto the face of the card.
2.  Fold a flap on three sides of the circle, about ¼ of an inch wide, forming a “triangle” with all the corners of the flaps touching, as shown. Do the same to all 20 circles.






3.  Glue the flap from two circles together, with triangles pointing in the same direction.  Glue together the flaps of three more circles to these two, still keeping the triangles pointing the same direction.  This will form a dome shape, (as shown) which will be used as the bottom of the ornament.
4.  Using another 5 circles repeat the steps above, however this time insert a loop of ribbon, which has been double knotted at the ends, in between the flaps of two circles near the top of the dome and glue together. This is what you will use to hang the ornament.
5.  Glue the remaining 10 circles together alternating the “triangles” up and down forming a straight line.  When bent and glued around the top dome of the ornament it becomes the middle section.
6.  Finally, glue the bottom dome to the opposite side of the middle section. Voila!  Your ornament is complete!








  • Allow glue to dry completely before hanging.
  • To add great holiday sparkle spray a fine dusting of spray glitter onto the dried ornament.
  • If using the ornament for room décor cut the ribbon in longer lengths, of different sizes before gluing into the top flaps of the ornament.  Hang from the ceiling with clear thumb tacks over the dining room table, kitchen island, in the door way of your family room or in the front window of you home to add holiday flair!
  • For cards that have sentimental value don’t keep them tucked away in a drawer never to be admired!  Turn them into a beautiful keepsake ornament! To help you remember, years from now, who sent this card to you simply take a small rectangle shaped remnant of the card and punch a hole near one end.  Write on it who you received the card from and the year in which you received it.  String it onto the ribbon prior to gluing it into the flaps at the top of the ornament.  Now you will always remember whose card was used to create your beautiful keepsake ornament!
  • If giving the ornament as a gift, use the same method above however, instead write (for example) “To The Dupree Family From The Huntington Family 2012”.  This will be a wonderful keepsake to whoever receives it and they’ll be reminded of you each time they hang it on their tree!
  • If looking for a cute gift idea for a Grandparent from a Grandchild, cut out 20 circles from a piece of white card stock, instead! Let your child color or draw small pictures on each circle, prior to putting together the ornament.  This will be a darling and treasured memento that Grandma and Grandpa will truly cherish!  Don’t forget to create a gift tag for this one, too! Let your child write a small note and put the year on it, as well!  This will be an ornament they will hang each year with pride and a smile!
  • When attending a holiday party take a bottle of wine as a hostess gift and hang one of your homemade ornaments from the neck of the bottle!  Add a short note to the tag thanking the host for helping to make your holiday season so memorable and fun!
  • Use one of your homemade ornaments as a gift tag on a special gift!  This is one gift tag that won’t get thrown out with the wrapping paper!
  • If you’re unsure of what gift to give your child’s teacher why not have your child help you make an ornament! Letting them write the teacher’s name on the tag, along with a little note, will truly make it extra special!


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