Holiday Tips and Suggestions!






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  • Wrap your child’s gifts while they are sleeping or at school, but don’t put the ribbons and bows on them just yet! Wait till they can help you choose the ribbons and bows to add to them! Their color combinations are so much more colorful and fun and it’s adorable to watch them be so creative!
  • Instead of displaying your holiday greeting cards on your mantel, why not tape them on the back of your front door!!  By doing so you will be able to display many more, while freeing up a lot of space! Your otherwise simple front door will be transformed into a colorful focal point in the entry way for everyone to admire!
  • A fun idea for kids and adults to do during your holiday gatherings is a “white elephant” gift exchange!  Ask each guest to bring a gently used item from home or something that they received as a gift and have no use for.  It should be wrapped, but not labeled. Each guest should draw a number and in numerical order let each guest choose a gift.  Some gifts will be worth fighting over…while others are just a “booby prize”.  If you like you can give the guests the option of going around the room one more time to steal the gift someone else has opened, in exchange for theirs.  Once everyone has had a second chance to steal a gift from someone else the game is over.


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