Embellished Gift Bags!

These ‘green’ gift bags are so much fun to make!








Several years ago I received a gift from my wonderful friend, Cynthia, who just happens to be the creative director for Party with The Twins! I was so excited to open the gift she had bought me, but I couldn’t get past the amazingly darling gift bag my gift was tucked inside of! As I was gushing to her about how adorable the bag was, she interjected how she made the design on the bag out of old Christmas cards and embellishments! I loved the whole idea of it! Not only did she put time and  thought into making it especially for me, but what a great way to reuse old greeting cards! Recently, I invited Cynthia over for a fun evening of decorating gift bags with my son, Braeden and I. We all came up with some amazing designs and had such a great time! Why not have your children decorate gift bags for their teachers and tuck a bottle of Homemade Vanilla Extract or a Homemade Greeting Card Ornament inside of the gift bag! What’s better than a hand made bag with a homemade gift inside! We can’t think of anything nicer!

PRINT Embellished Gift Bag Instructions

Use old Christmas cards to decorate gift bags!  It’s a fun project to do with your children and helps illustrate the idea of recycling and reusing, too!  Embellish the bag in many different ways using a variety of festive and sparkly items!  Some of our favorite items to use are listed below!



  • plain gift bags in an assortment of colors and sizes
  • hot glue gun (for children’s safety, we recommend using fast drying craft glue)
  • scissors and pinking shears
  • rick rack in a variety of colors and widths
  • ribbon in a variety of colors and widths
  • tiny silver and gold bells
  • small buttons in a variety of colors and sizes
  • tiny pom pom balls in a variety of colors and sizes
  • tiny charms and beads
  • thin strands of marabou
  • sequins in a variety of colors and sizes
  • stamps with a variety of holiday messages and ink pads in festive colors



Putting them together is very easy and so much fun!

  1. Start by choosing a greeting card.  Either cut the card at the seam or cut out a particular picture or scene from the card.
  2. Choose a gift bag in a size and color that you prefer
  3. Glue the card to the gift bag.
  4. Embellish away!!



  • You can embellish plain tiny gift bags to tuck gift cards inside of!
  • Once your bag is decorated cut out a small picture or shape from another greeting card and punch a hole into it.  String it through a piece of ribbon tied in a bow on the handle. You now have a gift tag!
  • Gather an assortment of holiday stickers and a handful of crayons and let you very little ones join you at the table as you decorate some that are a little more elaborate.  You’ll get some sweet quality time with them and they will feel so special making crafts with you like a grown up!  (Also, it will keep them busy while you concentrate on making your own!)
  • A great idea for gift bags intended for Grandparents or Aunties is to trace your child’s hand on the gift bag and then letter them scribble (I mean draw) pictures on the bag.
  • Children can also use fun shaped noodles or beans to glue in different patterns on the bags.


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