Graham Cracker ‘Ginger Bread’ Houses!


                When my son was in preschool, his sweet teacher asked another Mom, named Katie, and myself to host our children’s class holiday party. Katie came up with this adorable idea to decorate tiny versions of “gingerbread houses”! I can still remember how the children’s faces lit up when they realized […]

Festive and Fun to Make Ornaments!

'Green' ornaments are fun and easy to make!

              A great way to reuse holiday greeting cards is to turn them into ornaments to decorate your tree and home!  These ornaments are simple to make and look great as adornments hanging from Christmas gifts! When we sat down to compile craft ideas for our Autumn edition of ‘Celebrate’, […]

Napkins with Vintage Embellishments


Add charm to ordinary napkins in a matter of seconds! PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions PRINT Vintage Embellished Napkin Instructions with Photos YOU WILL NEED: 1 Napkin for each guest. Plastic pearl garland, or ¼ inch wide or narrower ribbon – approx.  1 yd needed for each napkin. (Both can be found at craft stores – […]

Elegant Centerpiece


Easy and Elegant Vintage Centerpiece PRINT Elegant Vintage Centerpiece Instructions YOU WILL NEED: Vintage looking frame with glass removed (to be placed in center of dining table) 1 yard chiffon or vintage looking fabric Vintage looking items such as; small vase with flowers small candy dishes or apothecary jars filled with coordinating colored candies decorative […]

Glittering Fruit!


Glittering Fruit               This craft idea is so fun and easy to do with your children!  Who doesn’t love to smear glue all over something and pour glitter on it!  In just a few short minutes you and your children can transform simple faux fruits and vegetables into spectacular, eye […]

Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks!


Completing the very serious task of choosing ‘the’ perfect pumpkin was just the beginning!! Our Dad would cut a lid into the top of the pumpkin and what came next was our favorite part – scooping out the seeds and all the slimy pulp inside! He would then help us cut out the face we had drawn, […]

Fantastic Tissue Bursts

Perfect for any occasion!

                PRINT Fantastic Tissue Burst Instructions YOU WILL NEED:           8 sheets of tissue for each ‘burst’ floral wire ribbon (or clear fishing line) scissor   INSTRUCTIONS: 1.  Start with a stack of 8 sheets of tissue.           2.  Make […]

Elegant Buffet


Elegant Buffet Display PRINT Elegant Buffet Display Instructions PRINT Elegant Buffet Display Instructions with Photos YOU WILL NEED: Glass blocks or shoe boxes (glass block can be found at hardware or home improvement stores) Strands of Christmas tree lights Table cover or fabric in a color that is complimentary to your shower theme Chiffon – […]

Vintage Favors

Elegant and easy! This adorable favor doubles as a place card!

Vintage Favors Elegant and easy! This adorable favor doubles as a place card! PRINT Instructions to make Vintage Favors – with photos PRINT Instructions to Make Vintage Favors – no photos YOU WILL NEED:           Small photo frames – 1 for each guest (Can be found at your local craft store, […]