Embellished Gift Bags!

These 'green' gift bags are so much fun to make!

              Several years ago I received a gift from my wonderful friend, Cynthia, who just happens to be the creative director for Party with The Twins! I was so excited to open the gift she had bought me, but I couldn’t get past the amazingly darling gift bag my gift was tucked inside […]

Holiday Tips and Suggestions!


          PRINT Holiday Tips and Suggestions Wrap your child’s gifts while they are sleeping or at school, but don’t put the ribbons and bows on them just yet! Wait till they can help you choose the ribbons and bows to add to them! Their color combinations are so much more colorful […]

Halloween Tips & Ideas!


Make ordinary lollipops spooky and fun! Dressing up and going door to door showing off our amazing costume…waiting to see what delectable candy treat was awaiting us at the next house! Such great memories!  Now we get to enjoy the experience all over again when we take our children trick or treating. Below are some […]

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